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She believed she could, so she did…

Who we are

Utoppii began with a Trixie’s strong conviction that she can make her community better. Interestingly, her name also means “bringer of joy”.

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Our Founder

Born in Singapore but has travelled the world as an avid explorer, covering Europe, Asia plus Australia, most of the time as a solo traveller. Her most memorable trips were trekking across the Himalayas, camping on the grounds of a safari in Botswana, Africa and volunteering to help elephants and villagers in the mountains of Chiangmai, Thailand. Trixie has a vivacious personality, a never-say-die attitude and an international approach and demeanour that has seen her successfully relate to all cultures and people.

She has two West Highland Terriers she affectionately calls her “boys” and is an animal lover, fitness and health buff, and harbours a strong humanitarian desire to turn corporate success into helping others less fortunate.

Trixie has successfully built a corporate career in Human Resources, holding leadership positions at global companies. Family, friends and colleagues expected her to scale further corporate heights but she has decided to follow her heart and embark on a seemingly impossible journey – to chase her dream to make her community a better place.

Now she has taken the brave step out of the corporate world to be an entrepreneur and launch her own line of bags called Utoppii to realise her creative passion in design to create beautifully functional bags for women for every occasion. Not just for commercial sake but at the same time to bring inspiration, joy and good to others in her community.


Our Brand Director and Product Consultant 

She's a dreamer and a doer... she sees possibility everywhere. Tara's imagination, grounded by strong branding and a communications background means she sees opportunities that others don't always see. All her life, Tara has been inspired by people in this world who do things based on what they believe in.

Hence, together with Trixie's vision and ambitions, they have together conceptualised and birthed the Utoppii brand and what it stands for. Tara develops and evolves the Utoppii brand to greater heights and is instrumental in new product conceptualisation, bringing function and beauty together in all our product lines.

Tara is also the founder and creative director of a creative agency for startups, Dream & Do based in Sydney, Australia and has worked with over 100 startups to turn their business ideas into brands.

Dream & Do also launched a successful business of its own, Little Succers, a same day delivery succulent plant service. Tara launched her first business in London, Moi Self in 2012, a self-help gifting brand focused on helping girls help each other. It was here she realised how critical brand is to startup success and as a result of her efforts, Tara received a Young Designer of the Year award for design and creativity. She became hooked on the entrepreneurial life and helping others to realise their entrepreneurial dream. She has spoken at various events including The Entourage and General Assembly and won the 2016 prestigious "B&T 30 under 30 Award" in the entrepreneur category.

We exist to enrich life’s adventures with style and impact.

Our name Utoppii was created from the word Utopia, meaning “perfect existence”. Utoppii was founded on dreams; it stands for inspiring people to do more, taking an incredible journey and returning good to local communities. Every bag purchased will see a part of the profits go back towards making this happen. Currently we partner with School For Life in our Giving Back initiative with many more to come in future. 
We want everyone to live out their adventure, now you can build your own dream bag that will inspire, carry memories and give meaning to wherever your story takes you. It becomes a part of your life and a significant memento over time. The Utoppii Collage Bag is a faithful companion indeed.

Our Values say a lot about us …

Style - We don’t believe in compromising style for practical functionality. We surprise and delight our customers with utilitarian solutions with unseen style.
Imagination - We always are imagining possibilities for our product and our planet and design with our customers at heart.
Positivity - Positivity is viral and we want to evoke joy in everything we do. We encourage people to live their own adventure, give hope and realise dreams.
Community - We believe in equality and giving everyone a fair go. We are stronger together and the Utoppii community is united to impact the world in a positive way.
Authenticity - We say what we do and do what we say. We don’t just create more “stuff” in the world, we create to solve and we care.

We want to make a difference

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