Changing mat

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Mums are always on the run! Whether it be school drop off, meetings, date night with your significant other or just getting in a much needed yoga class, you’ve never got a minute to spare. The Utoppii Changing Mat gives you back just that little bit of time, keeping everything where it should be. Not only that, but it fits perfectly in the Collage Bag, meaning you’ve got everything to help you be Super Mum (gym towel and laptop included).

Designed for your baby's comfort, our Changing Mat is designed to be practical and portable. The Utoppii changing mat folds down into a neutral, practical clutch. Made from water-resistant, lightweight nylon fabric and durable vegan leather. Featuring gold hardware and a vibrant multi-coloured water-resistant polyester lining.


Detachable 2-in-1 changing mat.
Elastic pocket.
Machine washable.


Dimensions: (H)26cm x (W)17.5cm
Weight: 220g
Fabric: Lightweight nylon, polyester lining, vegan leather strap