Making personalised products more fun – Utoppii’s quirky new accessories range

Article Published by "The Right Fit" - 18 December 2018 - Sydney, Australia



I’m from Singapore and although I loved art and design as a young girl, I ended up having to concentrate on studies as that is the cultural norm in Singapore.  After University, I joined the corporate world in the area of Human Resource and over ten years, was quite successful at that reaching Asia Pacific Head of HR for several large multinational companies in management consulting, industrial minerals and information technology.  Life was steady but then I had an epiphany last year in between jobs where I was challenged by a friend to think of something more … like being your own boss! I was intrigued by the idea and thought I would give it a shot but I knew it would have to be something I was passionate in and I knew I wanted to go back to my earlier interest in fashion and design...  

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